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Google search engine promotion for websites and e-commerce in any region

  • Comprehensive SEO audit

    Comprehensive SEO audit

    Easy start to boost your business. Get the best result based on your industry insides

  • Local SEO

    Local SEO

    Reach the top of the local search with a high-effective geo targeting

  • International SEO

    International SEO

    Open new markets for your business with our complex strategy

  • International SEO

    Enterprise SEO

    Beat your competitors with the deep-dive anasys

  • E-Commerce SEO

    E-Commerce SEO

    Overcome the sales stagnation with our ultimate services

  • E-Commerce SEO

    Content Marketing

    Attract target audience with ultimate quality content

  • Link Building

    Link Building

    Maximize the effectiveness of your budget with top-level backlinks

  • Complex strategy

    Complex strategy

    The most effective strategy for promoting your site, based on a niche and competitors analysis

How it works

  1. Start

    Bringing your website pages to the search top
  2. Improve

    Increase organic conversion traffic
  3. Analyse

    Attract newcomers with Google search engine
  4. Upgrade

    Reduce cost of conversions

Stages of website search optimization

  1. Comprehensive analysis of the niche (topics) in the target region

  2. Preparation of a common strategy promotion including content marketing and link building strategy

  3. Complete technical analysis of the website

  4. EAT analysis of the website

  5. Iterative preparation of the semantic core

  6. Optimization of the website for search engines in the target region

  7. Keeping link building to receive quality backlinks to the website

  8. Creating a website structure

  9. Competitors audit

  10. Preparing content of all types required

Our approach

Analytical assessment of the effectiveness of channels that can bring sales for your business

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  • 360 analysis

    360 analysis

    Our team goes deep into your industry and finds opportunities to be focused on

  • Strategy based on data

    Strategy based on data

    Get a precise strategy based on an effective tactical plan

  • Effective tools only

    Effective tools only

    We concentrate on the most fruitful requests only

  • Semantic core optimization

    Semantic core optimization

    We keep updating to have the most effective keywords in the scope

  • Detailed traffic analysis

    Detailed traffic analysis

    We set all the tracking systems up for better audience analysis

  • Goal-oriented performance

    Goal-oriented performance

    We offer a strategy to optimise leads and conversions

Case study

  • Manufacturer of repair materials

    Manufacturer of repair materials

    Official online store sells a full range of dry mixes and related materials

  • YIT - Finnish construction company

    YIT - Finnish construction company

    YIT is a Helsinki-based real estate developer specialising in residential and commercial properties

    Learn more
  • Leads for Woodstock

    Leads for Woodstock

    The example of efficiency, productive collaboration, the ability to discover unconventional solution

    Learn more
  • Medical Clinic Promotion

    Medical Clinic Promotion

    The team successfully resolved the issue and allowed the site to resume its growth

    Learn more
  • Landscape and design Company

    Landscape and design Company

    KIT Global helped the brand navigate the crisis with minimal losses and ensured its stability

    Learn more
  • Loan Service Website Promotion

    Loan Service Website Promotion

    Our client is an online loan service that has been operating successfully in the market since 2015

    Learn more

Some of our clients and partners

  • omd
  • publicis
  • groupm
  • dentsu
  • zenith
  • aliexpress
  • paysend
  • sumsung
  • mac
  • ebay
  • kfc
  • avon
  • ikea
  • pharm
  • joom
  • ivas
  • tomtailor
  • truebalance
  • evelin
  • leroy

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