KIT Production

Visual erudition and creativity for your sales


Bright, visible and effective creative materials for brand promotion



  • Videos for brands ‘turnkey’
  • Creative concept
  • Online broadcast
  • Photo production


  • Media campaign
  • Social media and blog content
  • Training
  • Trading
  • Internal communications


  • Promotional video
  • Viral videos
  • Image films
  • Explainers
  • Screencasts
  • Conferences

How it works

  1. Online meeting

    Getting information about USP, values, brand and target audience.
  2. Working out of the script

    Our creative team develops for you several creative ideas and scenarios for shooting videos.
  3. Creative idea selection

    Our production team prepares several options for you in terms of implementation cost to suit your budget.
  4. Video production

    Shooting cool and bright professional commercial video.
  5. Final production

    Producing final voiceover, music, editing, mixing and adding 3D/2D graphics and animation to the video
  6. Final stage

    Sending finished material and transfer of copyright.

Types of content

  • Verticals

    Creative idea development

  • Video production

    Video production

  • SMM video content

    SMM video content



  • Text production

    Text production

  • YouTube video

    YouTube video

  • Video creatives

    Video creatives

  • Performance


  • Photo production

    Photo production

  • TikTok video

    TikTok video

  • 3D & 2D animation

    3D & 2D animation

  • Promotion video ad

    Promotion video ad

Case study

  • Tekta Group

    Tekta Group

    Creative concepts and video content for developer’s projects.

  • Arkhyz


    Concept and video advertisement for Arkhyz “VITA” water rebranding and the launch of a new brand “Selecta”

  • Residential Complex EVER

    Residential Complex EVER

    3D video clearly showing all competitive advantages through the visualization of the Goldberg machine

  • Esprit Games

    Esprit Games

    TikTok creatives, reflecting the client's USP, in different formats: vertical, horizontal, square

  • Ozon Rocket

    Ozon Rocket

    Delivery service for businesses and online stores. The video was developed, shot and edited in one shift

  • Mel science

    Mel science

    Sets with chemical experiments. For this shoot we used a robot arm and slow motion technique

Some of our clients and partners

  • omd
  • publicis
  • groupm
  • dentsu
  • zenith
  • aliexpress
  • paysend
  • sumsung
  • mac
  • ebay
  • kfc
  • avon
  • ikea
  • pharm
  • joom
  • ivas
  • tomtailor
  • truebalance
  • evelin
  • leroy

Let’s start your project

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Let’s start your project

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