Leads for Woodstock


The example of efficiency, productive collaboration, the ability to discover unconventional solution

  • Period 13 years
  • Traffic sources Google
  • Mobile
  • Browser

The case of the Woodstock company exemplifies efficiency, productive collaboration, and the ability to discover unconventional solutions.

Our ability to navigate through challenging situations, think creatively, and take a committed approach to business has consistently delivered positive outcomes and fuelled this project’s development. Through 13 years of fruitful collaboration, we’ve unlocked KIT Global's full potential and demonstrated that top-notch web analytics and expert promotion can truly work wonders.

Our team’s dedication to producing results and our capacity to adapt to any budget allow us to support our customers, even during challenging business crises when financial resources are limited. Attracting clients for the Woodstock company demanded innovative solutions, and we were up to the task.


Case profile

Our Client specialises in both the wholesale and retail trade of premium-quality lumber from valuable tree species. Also, the company offers top-tier veneer, edge material, decking boards, and furniture panels. Given the broad product range and extensive sales coverage across various regions, they have faced fierce competition in the lumber market. Therefore, they needed an effective business promotion strategy across the whole regions they operated in.

For several years, we’ve been managing and improving the company’s website. However, the surge in consumer enquiries, the rising competition, evolving product offerings, and the imperative to expand regionally compelled us to re-evaluate our promotional strategy. We were in search of innovative, unconventional solutions that could meaningfully boost the website’s visibility and attract a larger influx of enquiries.


Achievements and Indicators

KIT Global has achieved the following outcomes:

  • Non-branded search traffic for the client surged by 20,000 visits in 2019 compared to 2016.
  • In October 2019, we recorded nearly 50,000 search traffic hits.
  • There was a notable uptick in website enquiries and phone calls.
  • The cost per lead dropped to $3 despite an average order value of $450!


Additionally, we outlined the directions for the project’s future development:

  • Optimising the order form. Even though over 1,000 users visit the veneered panel order page, only a few dozen complete the process. This drop-off is attributed to the form being excessively lengthy and time-consuming. Our analytics team has devised suggestions for optimising it, and we intend to put these into action in the near future.
  • Improving call centre operations. The volume of incoming calls has notably risen (according to Calltouch statistics), but at the same time, there has been a large number of missed calls. The client effectively addressed this issue with the call centre.
  • Request processing. KIT Global conducted an analysis of project visibility and identified key queries that could enhance the website’s search result rankings. Requests for further development are pending approval from the customer.


Non-branded search traffic – growth trends

October comparison

Traffic growth (2016 - 2019): +20,000

Traffic for October 2016: 26,739

Traffic for October 2019: 46,918


Ranking trends

We’ll showcase a selection of queries currently ranking in the top positions.


Visibility trends

We are actively tracking 2,332 ongoing queries. Number of queries in the top positions for October 2016 and 2019.

Results and KPI

  • Lead cost ~$3
  • Search traffic +20,000

Non-branded search traffic – growth trends

Visits October 2016 April 2018 April 2019 October 2019
Google 15 448 19 292 24 908 26 962
Other 11 832 13 601 16 484 20 016
Total 27 280 32 893 41 392 46 978