Landscape and design Company


KIT Global helped the brand navigate the crisis with minimal losses and ensured its stability

  • Period 2 years
  • Traffic sources Google
  • Mobile
  • Browser

Our Client is an NDA Company, based in Eastern Europe, specialising in indoor landscaping and eco-design. The pandemic posed challenges for its website, but through intensive search engine optimisation, KIT Global helped the brand navigate the crisis with minimal losses and ensured its stability.


Case Profile

The pandemic caused a drop in demand for commercial real estate landscaping services, which resulted in fewer website enquiries. To address this, the company committed to an urgent website revamp and aimed to increase organic traffic for consistent lead generation.

We decided to prioritise improving the website’s visibility in search results to capture more organic traffic. Our comprehensive SEO efforts and website updates resulted in a steady flow of leads and improved conversion rates for the brand’s services.

The main challenge in this project was coordinating SEO work with the client during the pandemic. Remote communication and personnel-related issues on the client’s side occasionally hindered our progress.



Recover Organic Traffic After the Pandemic Crisis and Establish a Consistent Lead Flow



The goal required a great deal of effort, which we broke down into specific tasks:

1. Conduct a full site audit, analyse the competitive landscape, and assess market demand.

2. Implement technical optimisation to address all site issues.

3. Undertake a comprehensive site update, taking into account market conditions during the pandemic and current SEO trends.


Achievements and Indicators

We started working on this project in October 2020, and within six months, we fully executed all the recommendations. By completely redesigning the commercial sections of the site and making updates to semantics, structure, and design, we radically improved the search engine rankings. This has led to stable lead generation and ensured the site consistently appears at the top of search results.


Monthly Visit Trends

The improved visibility had a positive impact on traffic. The website started to appear in search results more frequently and experienced a fivefold increase in monthly visits, from 2,500 to 13,000.


Monthly Increase in Website Leads

The boost in targeted organic traffic resulted in a fivefold increase in website leads.

Results and KPI

  • Traffic x5
  • Website Leads x5