YIT - Finnish construction company


YIT is a Helsinki-based real estate developer specialising in residential and commercial properties

  • Period 1 years
  • Traffic sources Google
  • Finland
  • Mobile
  • Browser

YIT is a Helsinki-based real estate developer specialising in residential and commercial properties. In 2020, it successfully sold over 3,000 apartments in EU. Recently, the company conducted a tender for advertising agencies, and our specialists at KIT Global secured the top spot, earning a long-term contract to market the residential real-estate brand.


Case profile

YIT operates with distinct branches, where each is responsible for a designated region. These branches independently handle the marketing and promotion of their respective residential complexes.

The purpose of the tender was to evaluate the outcomes of Google Ads advertising campaigns for three major housing complexes in Finland. Following the tender, they wanted to enter into an agreement with the successful bidder to continue marketing and promoting the residential complex brands.

The primary challenge of the project was the developer’s unique approach to UTM markup, which made data collection for analytics more complex. To ensure accurate analytics, we needed to standardise the markup and consolidate reports during advertising setup. Additionally, due to the tender’s specific requirements, we couldn’t reduce lead acquisition costs through website optimisation.


Achievements and Indicators

Thorough pre-advertising analytics and campaign optimisation, which were driven by insights from user-friendly BI reports, played a key role in lowering lead acquisition costs. This success gave us a competitive edge in the tender.

Furthermore, it’s a testament to how our support helped YIT’s Finland office become the top-performing branch within the company.

Our client has consistently praised the superior quality of our traffic compared to other contractors. It was gratifying to be seen as the benchmark in our industry. At our monthly meetings to review results, the developer even invited external advertising agencies to observe our work approach, showcasing the success of the previous month and strategising for the month ahead.


Apartment Sales in Residential Complexes

The campaign led to the sale of nearly all apartments in the company’s three residential complexes.

Results and KPI

  • Sold apartments 100%

Apartment Sales in Residential Complexes

Finsky 95% sold
Lytkarino HIT 100% sold
Northern Quarter 100% sold