100,000 registrations of traders. XTrend Speed the Online Trading Platform's Case

  • Period July 2021 - April 2022
  • Traffic sources Facebook, Google Universal Application Companies

We attracted more than 6000 deposits for the trading platform.

Hundreds of thousands of people use electronic platforms for traders all over the world. It’s getting both harder and more expensive to attract new users with increasing competition in this market. Only professionals can get exactly the right audience and not drain the budget. That is why XTrend Speed contacted KIT Global for the app promotion in India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Spain, Italy and Portugal.


About the client

XTrend Speed is a popular mobile trading platform for traders from more than 170 countries. Its services include trading stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies and much more.



Like any fast growing company, XTrend Speed needed to get new customers who are ready to make deposits. Therefore, the KIT Global team was given a task to attract to the mobile application on iOS and Android as many new users as possible, and at the same time the income from each user was set to be $5 on average.



Achieving the goal requires a lot of high-quality traffic at a bargain price. That is why we chose three advertising channels to be Facebook, In App and Google UAC (Universal advertising campaign).


Progress of work

The advertising campaign lasted from July 2021 to April 2022.

Google UAC used such formats as a banner, a text and a video. On Facebook a short video and a slideshow were used.


The app promotion included five stages:

  • Media planning and budget allocation between mobile traffic sources.
  • Definition of KPI and client's goals.
  • Development of various types of creatives and hypotheses.
  • Analysis of current advertising campaigns, identification of the most effective channels and creatives.
  • Making regular optimization on advertising platforms disabling ineffective campaigns and increasing the budget for campaigns with high CR.

Within the whole advertising campaign, it was possible to gradually increase the CR from installation to registration and from registration to deposit. Testing of different hypotheses showed that new users were attracted mostly by videos with joyful people using the XTrend app. Animation and large banners with images of money or expensive cars also showed good results.



At the end of the campaign, the average amount of deposits made twice exceeded the declared KPI (deposit > $5) in most periods.

Results and KPI

  • New registrations +100 K
  • New deposits >6 000
  • Increase in CR +2.3-fold
  • KPI fulfillment 100%